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Registrar or Civil Celebrant?

The choices you may not know you have available to you

By law you must either contract your marriage in front of a Vicar or Registrar and in the case of Registrars, you must give 28 days’ notice of marriage. However if you are already considering a venue as opposed to a church, then you are already thinking of a wedding with difference.

You may not realise it but you do not have to have Registrars present at your wedding even if you choose a venue instead of a Church.

Many couples choose to marry abroad and then decide to have another wedding on their return, for the rest of their family and friends that weren’t able to attend the first wedding.


They attend the Registration Office with two witnesses to complete a Marriage Registration, a very short and simple appointment, which involves contracting the marriage and signing the Marriage Register in front of the duty Registrar. This then allows them by law to have a wedding at the venue of their choice at a later date.

It is very similar to registering a baby’s birth and then holding the christening at a later date.

You register your marriage and then hold your wedding at a later date.

The Advantages

Your date, your time

Most importantly is the fact that you can have your wedding on the date and time of your choosing. So many people try to book Registrars and find that the time they would like was actually booked out months beforehand. As an Independent Civil Celebrant I only book one wedding per day and so am available for the time you choose.

A personal relationship

From the time of booking, you will have an ongoing relationship with me, so that you can plan the content and Order of Service, exactly as you would like it to be. You won’t be tied to timescales or planning forms and we will get to know each other before the wedding, so you will not be left wondering who will actually be conducting your ceremony on the day. Unfortunately the Registration Service is not in a position to inform you of the Registrars that will be conducting your wedding, prior to their arrival.

Marry Outdoors

Does your chosen venue have a beautiful garden you would like to be married in?

Or perhaps the stunning outside area at Highgate House?

If a Registrar attends , a marriage must take place in one of the licensed areas of the venue, which may just be inside. As a Civil Celebrant I am not limited to work in the licensed areas, and so if you would like the garden, you may have the garden! Or the Terrace, or anywhere the venue allows you to choose. The choice becomes yours.


If you have decided that a Church wedding is not your chosen ceremony but you would like to include a hymn or a prayer then that is something that can be arranged with me. Registrars must conduct a non-religious ceremony however I am able to combine the two to meet your requirements.

Value for Money

My fee as a Civil Celebrant is well below that of the Registration Service. If you refer to your Council Authority website it will list the fees for Registrars attending a venue. I will always be less expensive.

A Joint Partnership

Consider also, that by completing the legal requirements either a few weeks or days beforehand you will be much more relaxed when it actually comes to your wedding day.You will enjoy your day, knowing that we have worked together to plan it, and that it is totally bespoke to you.

Written by Barry Halliday LLB (HONS)

Independent Civil Celebrant